What Are Addiction Rehab Centers?

An addiction rehabilitation center refers to a treatment facility where an addict can get help with his or her addiction. There are various types of addiction. Consequently, addiction rehabilitation centers have various programs aimed at helping addicts. The hardest thing for many addicts to do is to decide to seek help from these addiction rehabilitation centers.

Many addicts live in denial about their addictions. Moreover, these addictions affect the relatives or friends of the addicts. For starters, alcohol and drug addiction leads to extreme wear and tear on the body. In addition to that, the immunity of the addict is affected, so he or she is at greater risk of contracting diseases.

Addiction also affects the emotional well-being of the individual using drugs. Prolonged alcohol or drug abuse leads to a situation where the person experiences depression. The individual may even develop psychosis. Alcohol or drug addiction also affects the social aspects of the abuser’s life. The addict places a priority on alcohol or drugs, and in doing so pushes away friends and relatives.

What Are Addiction Rehabilitation Centers?

This leads to the crumbling of relationships and job losses among others consequences. The situation will only start to change when the person begins to see just how the alcohol or drugs have messed up his or her life. Moreover, the addict will feel isolated and long for the former relationships with friends or relatives to be restored. When this happens, the addict may decide to take a number of steps to end the addiction.

One of the steps that an addict may take is by committing himself or herself into an addiction treatment center. However, it is important to discuss this move with a therapist beforehand, to find out about the various addiction treatment approaches available. Alternatively, the addict may contact a counselor through one of the many toll free alcohol and drug abuse hotlines. In such a scenario, the counselor advises the addict on the best treatment option. While talking it is important that the addict try to provide all the relevant information about the addiction.

Moreover, the person calling need have no worries about confidentiality, since no information provided will be divulged to any third party. After the addict has found a suitable addiction treatment center, he or she undergoes an assessment before treatment is prescribed. There are two main categories of addiction rehabilitation centers.

For starters, there is the outpatient treatment program. An outpatient drug treatment program entails regular visits to an addiction rehabilitation center. The patient undergoes intense counseling sessions and therapies in the centers. In addition to that, the outpatient treatment program covers relapse prevention programs. This is due to the fact that a recovering addict is quite likely to experience a relapse into drug or alcohol use.

The second category of addiction rehabilitation centers is the inpatient treatment programs. An inpatient treatment program covers an extended period of treatment and care in a residential care facility. Inpatient treatment programs may run for a period of one or even two years.

Of course, this is all dependent on the level of addiction. In the inpatient treatment program, the addict socializes only with other recovering addicts and the staff of the treatment facility. The addict also receives treatment all round the clock. This addiction treatment program entails numerous intensive counseling sessions and after care services which aim to prevent relapse.

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