Signs Addiction Rehab Is Needed

Drug or alcohol addiction is the final stage of a drug use problem. It usually begins with using drugs or drinking alcohol on a regular basis. The person becomes used to it and the effects which leads to abuse. Drug abuse is typically when someone uses drugs more than recommended or continuing to use them more often or more at each time. Drug abuse over a period of time can lead to physical dependence which ultimately leads to addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction is dangerous on many levels due to the short term and long term effects and medical dangers of drug use. The following will explain the warning signs that addiction rehab is needed.

Warning Signs of Needing Addiction Rehab

Anyone who is showing the typical signs of drug abuse or addiction should start a treatment plan with a local rehab center. Common signs of abuse or addiction include a range of behavioral, psychological and physical signs. However some people have more serious warning signs of needing addiction rehab treatment immediately. The following signs are of the ones to look out for above all.

Tolerance – The first sign to look out for in someone needing treatment is tolerance. Once someone builds up a tolerance to their drug or substance of choice, they have crossed the border from drug abuse or dependence to complete addiction. As people’s bodies get more used to their drug of choice, they build up a tolerance where suddenly they need more than before to feel the same effect. This increase in drug or alcohol use will increase the severity of their side effects making treatment more important.

Signs Addiction Rehab Is Needed

Withdrawal Symptoms – Another major warning sign is having withdrawal symptoms when you’re sober, even for a short period of time. If when you stop drinking or doing drugs, you get the common withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, body tremors, muscle aches, dizziness or other signs, then you have become addicted and you need to begin a treatment program. The withdrawal period can be difficult so it is recommended that you receive professional care during this period at the very least.

Obsession – When it comes to the point where all of your thoughts and actions are based on getting drunk or high, finding the money to support your habit or being generally obsessed with the drug of choice, you are addicted and need help. One of the more common things addicts experience is an obsession with getting drunk or high, to the point where nothing else matters. If you find that most of your thoughts stem from your substance abuse problem and you feel like you can’t live without it, it’s time to seek help from a local rehab center.

Denial – One of the signs that you have been in denial in regards to your substance abuse or addiction is when you constantly have others bringing up your substance abuse. This can be a close friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member such as a spouse, sibling, parent or child. When you begin abusing drugs, you may not realize it has become a problem in the beginning. As you enter the dependency stage, you don’t care what the drugs are doing to your life and when you get addicted, they become all that matters. If you have friends and loved ones concerned over your drug or alcohol abuse, it is a red flag for denial.

Destructive Behavior – Lastly, destructive behavior is a significant red flag for addiction and the need for proper treatment. Destructive behavior can include any way of living or behaviors that are a danger to themselves or others. If you notice you are beginning to become isolated and want to drink or use drugs alone, rather in social situations, you hide your drug abuse problem, you spend more time alone than with others and are getting into financial or legal troubles, it’s time to look for help. Destructive behavior can also be losing concern for what others think about you, including a lack of grooming and personal hygiene, doing poorly at work or school and beginning to have mood swings or aggressive behavior towards others.

Seeking Help from a Rehab Center

If you or someone you know is showing any of the above signs, it is time to get help. Addiction is something that can be nearly impossible to stop on your own which is why drug treatment facilities exist. Contact a rehab center near you and they will start you on a treatment path that is right for you.

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